Operations Performance

Our « end to end » or targeted approach aims to provide tangible, tried-and-tested solutions to performance-related issues, from a structural, organisational and operational point of view.

From the strategic alignment of projects to maximising each link in the value chain, we help our customers optimise the performance of their operations and adopt the culture and practices of operational performance and excellence.

Purchasing Performance

Drawing on our expertise in operational and strategic purchasing, we assist our customers in establishing their needs, developing their purchasing strategies, conducting calls for tender, negotiating and managing contracts.

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Industrial & Supply Chain Performance

As an expert consultancy firm working in the field of quality and industrial performance, Foch Consulting manages quality at every stage of a project.

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Financial Performance

Financial performance management is one of the tools that contributes to creating a company’s value and one of the strategic foundations for ensuring the sustainability of its activities.

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Project Performance

Our experts specialise in the management of complex projects, and intervene in two complementary areas: managing project performance and improving project organisation.

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Entreprise Performance

A successful company must be both effective and efficient in terms of reaching its objectives. To achieve this, measurements need to be carried out at every level of the organisation to establish qualitative and quantitative indicators.

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