Foch Consulting  is the name of a collection of individuals who believe in excellence. We specialize in hiring people who have the drive to succeed and the will to implement the discipline required to succeed. We focus on nurturing our team and providing our team an environment that is conductive to creative thought. We focus on eliminating stress and pressure so our team can think clearly and creatively.

When you work at Foch Consulting, you get to be part of a team that is known for its performance. We are efficiency driven professionals who focus on the endgame.

By joining us, you are at the heart of your own evolution. Developing and advancing, as many challenges as our HR teams and our managers face daily.

Every year, hundreds of employees move and change jobs within Foch Consulting Group in France and internationally. This is why our managers and our HR managers are attentive to ensuring that all our employees benefit from individualized HR support.

Creating the conditions for success, valuing the experience gained, preparing for the return, following an expatriation, are major issues. This is why international career management is integrated into a global human resources policy, which is dynamic, adapted to market practices and flexible.

Discover how our businesses will allow you to build your route at Foch Consulting.

Benefits and rewards

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.

Personal impact, mentoring, and teamwork are just a few of the benefits of building a career at Foch Consulting.

Project performance

open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Deputy Principal Construction Manager Brooklyn, NY, US Project Management January 8, 2016
Senior Industrial Planner Oak Ridge, TN, US Civil Construction January 8, 2016
Senior Programme Manager Houston, TX, US Project Management January 8, 2016
Deputy Principal Construction Manager Toronto,Ontario, CA Project Management January 8, 2016
Programme Engineering Manager Richland, WA, US Project Management January 7, 2016
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“The air transport field is constantly evolving. Efficient and versatile, Foch consultants have allowed us to act with great agility”

Thomas Kübel-Sorgersen
Project Manager, KLM Airlines

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